Photo of Bekki owner of Campden Mills VA

Meet Bekki

My name is Bekki and I am the owner and founder of Campden Mills VA. I live in Redditch, Worcestershire. I started my business in January 2019 following the birth of my second child in September 2017.

After working with multiple industries including debt recovery over the past 12 years, I have helped businesses get paid regularly from their clients, including those more difficult payers. By opening regular lines of communication between businesses and clients I have many tried and proven techniques to get my customer's clients to pay in full and on time. Meaning money you’ve worked so hard to earn, ends up into your bank account more quickly.

I’ve even saved £1000s by reviewing and auditing monthly subscriptions on behalf of my clients.

Being one of only 19.4% virtual assistants to be Anti Money Laundering registered with HMRC (according to the latest UK VA survey), I am able to provide my clients with all aspects of credit control from the previously mentioned payment chasing, to invoicing and paying suppliers.

I also work with clients to develop relationships with their customers and because of my structured approach, my clients have seen increases in revenue and repeat purchases because of my ability to be there and communicate with prospects and current customers so my clients never miss another opportunity.

Previous clients have benefited from:

- A healthier bank balance because their customers are paying more frequently
- A reduction in staffing costs as I only charge for the hours I work
- Invoices and quotes being responded to quicker.
- More time to spend on their core business with the knowledge their customers are being looked after.
- A full diary from new and existing clients

I'm an enthusiastic individual with a keen eye for detail, excellent time management and organisation skills, the ability to communicate on all levels and prioritise tasks when needed.
My clients know that they can rely on me for my professionalism, dedication and the ability to achieve deadlines.

Sound too good to be true? Well, it isn't:

Contact me today on 07958 016151 or email me at to discuss how I can help your business get the results you've always wanted.